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  • Einari Kurittu

ACL Physio who?


I am a physiotherapist in my thirties, originally from Kuusankoski. I have been active in sports all my life, and have tried sports from swimming to athletics. I also did wrestling for a few years and I still remember to tell my friends about my wrestling career without a single loss. So for the wrestlers out there: challenges are accepted! ;)

However, my biggest passion has always been football, which I have played at the highest league level in Finland. I also have international experience from both the youth national team and the UEFA Europa League qualifiers. Today, my most active hobbies include running, strength training, cross-country skiing, and many other sports. I still play recreational football in FC Kivenkova.

During my football career, I suffered several injuries and that's when my passion for sports physiotherapy started. I graduated as a physiotherapist from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, after which I started specializing in the rehabilitation of lower limb injuries - after all, I completed my final internship under the guidance of lower limb master Sasu Setälä. My interest in football was still alive, even though I wasn't playing professionally. Fortunately, I have been able to work as a physiotherapist in football alongside my clinical practice, which I have been doing regularly since 2012. I have experience in football physiotherapy from Veikkausliiga, Eredivisie and the Finnish national team. Currently, I also work as a member of the Finnish Football Association's medical committee.

I started my clinical practice at Kamppi Terveystalo in Helsinki and continued at Pohjola Hospital in late summer 2014, where I worked until summer 2022.

Pohjola Hospital had a model of specialisation in limb-specific rehabilitation, and the natural choice for me was the treatment of lower limb injuries for athletes. My special interest is the rehabilitation of anterior cruciate ligament injuries of the knee - perhaps because they cause great consequences for footballers in terms of absence from training and matches.

In addition to my clinical practice, I have always searched for "extra" projects, whether they were related to forestry, chopping logs or professional development. Blog texts about forest thinning can be left for another time and this time we will focus on things related to physiotherapy.

During the previous years, I have participated in dozens of additional trainings/conferences, completed a sports physiotherapist certificate, attended a master's program in sports physiotherapy at the University of Bath in England (2016-2020) and am currently working on a PhD on ACL injuries in football players. The most important cornerstone of my work is evidence based practice, and I try to ensure this by educating myself regularly.

In my clinical practice, I employ a holistic approach and help you achieve your goals. I always try to inform you about the injury, what you should expect from rehabilitation and what you should and shouldn't do to achieve your goals.

If you feel that I could be of service, feel free to contact me!




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